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Tortoises and The Arch Chapel

EE141ABB-73C1-4ACA-9CE3-4F65227CE5B2A few days ago we were heading home from our morning cappuccino in the bar when we stopped to look into the garden at the end of the post office building.  The fellow had been clearing the place up and we peered over the stone wall to see what progress had been made.

It’s coming along nicely – a lot of weeds and junk have been removed, and tomatoes have been planted all along the far wall.

3273B219-AE57-4D66-A918-33995F40FF2BSuddenly we saw a movement, albeit a slow one- it was a tortoise!  A couple of days later we stopped again, and saw that there were two of them.  Then the next day the owner of the garden was there and Colin started chatting with him.  The slightly larger tortoise is female, and is 50 years old (!) and the other one is the male and is 30.

90AB9213-8E76-43EA-A5C4-C7DCDFFEB3ACThere are also a bunch of little ones of various ages – he rounded up three of them to show us, each a year apart in age.  He’s got a nice little fence to protect his tomato plants – apparently they are a favourite snack

54840355-669D-400C-AD37-7F7289E323BBAnother day we were walking down to the bar and when we were descending the 78 steps under the arch we saw that a few of the local fellows were doing some more work, both outside and inside.

EF9FE71B-6BB3-452B-9783-1BB7950F4898We chatted for a bit, then one of them took me inside to show me the little chapel that’s right above the arch.

C43CBE60-D6E6-41E2-8624-B54497B10BE2I also got a better view of the painting under the arch – he indicated that it was six hundred years old!

74918728-F728-4377-82D6-24CECECDB694I went for a very nice ride one morning before it got too hot – the sunflowers are out and many of the fields have been cut, bailed and re-ploughed for a second planting.

9A44990F-3BF1-4F8F-8655-FA9CE1AD3B14F46950A5-EB4E-40AC-B189-AD4420B402CDWe went out one night to try to catch sight, and maybe some photos of the comet, but even though we knew where to look for it we didn’t get a glimpse.

0EF416D9-017B-4FC5-AF89-03CD74F8854DEDAD4539-69FA-40CC-B82F-A6B95804B334However the hundreds of fireflies flitting around in the bushes along the walk back home made up for it.E9C6A23A-E7D3-4601-B75E-6EFACAB78A11


Sicily – Under the Volcano

D5BE5709-05DA-4CDA-897B-2B82A7850B98We left our free parking spot fairly early and took a somewhat faster route south to Reggio Calabria and decided to look for a campground for a day or two rather than try to get a ferry to Sicily right away.

We passed the city, taking note of where the ferry terminal was, and tried to locate one of several campgrounds we’d looked up.  Alas – it was a couple of hours of back-and-forth, up-and-down and all around.  

The only one we finally did find wasn’t open.  We gave up and decided to head straight to Sicily, so on to the ferry terminal we went.  Alas again – there is only passenger/walk on service from the city – the car ferry goes from the town of Villa San Giovanni several miles north.  The ticket guy did write down the name of the company to look for.

F88EF1B2-46AF-49E1-902D-053EB75B2F27Arriving back at Villa San Giovanni – that we’d passed by hours earlier – we found the ticket office for the car ferry.  Having purchased the ticket we then drove through part of the town to get to the actual port – kind of weird system.

We did get on the next ferry after only a short wait – a nice little open deck boat that was packed.  I took a walk around and up to the top promenade area – lots of people, and almost all considerately wearing face masks, as was I.

99BF8E72-CB5E-408E-91FA-9CD3F7694ED6The crossing to Messina took only about 25 minutes – I finally made it to Sicily!!  The Shark of Messina doesn’t live here anymore so we didn’t bother to stop in Messina and were quickly on our way south.

FA593072-A058-43F0-A2DF-5F858F817829We stopped several miles south of Taormina at a campground about 300 meters from the sea – Mt. Etna looms over all, but is quiet at the moment.

3DB6D3A9-5136-4C36-9140-3E725550E524The beach at the end of the road has the usual ‘private’ areas where you can rent lounge chairs and umbrellas – for the bargain price of only 13 euros a day – not sure if parking is included.

364AE58E-6548-49B7-8A24-EFDB1C3BDF41We had a lovely lunch one day at the restaurant right on the sea – there are beautiful flowers everywhere and fantastic views up and down the beach.

6AE5F2F7-0AC6-41DD-AA5F-272531D947F3A90785F2-CB82-4892-BFDD-BA2EC1E68ED314E107C5-83F8-4CE8-A872-2E555EA2034FSunday  morning Mo and I were up at 6:30 and took a walk to the beach – even at that early hour there were a few folks there, but only 3 hours later the place was packed.

38E6ADD6-C5A1-4BDB-869E-53A263D21E9B4BE0793A-9689-41BF-A69B-E439BB013398FBF95EC3-D7EB-44D7-81D3-6E6C851C73886B8E677F-A36E-4F35-89BA-E84023B0E39F5B844D5A-2C1E-468E-9C78-4C4812BBB7E3Mo quite likes my tent, and Henry pops in for a visit from time to time.

C913796C-3F6E-40F6-A193-AB008EA5CACAWe really liked our stay at Almoetia campground – it’s actually quite large and at this time of year there should probably be about 100 campervans or more – sadly there were only four of us.  Hopefully if all continues to go well here their summer business will improve.0BD3228D-0934-486E-94E2-6B1EF764EEDCC6CF1F6B-DC51-484D-AC19-9B4620455FE5