8 thoughts on “ready to go

    1. Hi! I tried respnding to your comment about CNN coverage but it didn’t work. Anyway hope you’re well and happy and enjoying your summer. I’m back in France and heading to Spain on Monday to see the Vuelta. Take care!


  1. Sick today, had to take day off, heaving all night, yuck. Looking forward to tomorrow, see my new chiropractor, a holistic practitioner. Any who bye for now.


    1. Hello there!

      They’re both ok as far as I’ve read online. Haven’t found any place here with a tv to actually watch the race.

      My friend Colin is arriving tomorrow to take me to France – he has a satellite so I should be able to watch at least some from tomorrow onwards.

      It’s market day in Cavour – folks everywhere in the main piazza. Some of the stuff is local fresh produce, etc, other stuff is made-in-China junk.

      Having my morning tea at my regular cafe, then going for a ride, then filling up a jug with 1 euro per litre local red wine – hard life!!

      Hope you still love your job and your new place – take care! Love Sally – oops! Wendy

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    2. Hi again:

      Just a quick update – Peter Sagan has been DQ’d from the Tour! For impeding Mark Cavendish (another one of my fave’s) and causing him to crash out.

      My two favourites gone in one fell swoop! I’m so disappointed, but still have others to watch.

      Colin should be here literally any moment, then we’re off tomorrow to France.


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  2. Despite Trump being a moron and 50 million morons who voted for him, i can no longer watch cnn. It is 24/7 attack trump. Texas is about to get annihilated by a hurricane and cnn is attacking trump because he pardoned some dude during a hurricane crisis. They arent even talking about it themselves. Aaaarggghh. Ok rant over.


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