May 20 – Saturday

Even tho we’re having a ‘day off’ still got up early. Actually woke at 6 but stayed in my tent until 7. Kind of cloudy day, but had a lot of laundry to do. Colin and I pooled our clothes and used the pay-laundry – 5 euros for wash, 5 for dry – you can drink wine here a lot more cheaply than you can do laundry!

Spent a fairly frustrating morning trying to get proper wi-fi access – finally gave up and went for a bike ride into the town of Terme. Got another batch of cortisone cream for my sun-blisters (which are getting better) and rode around a bit.


It’s a very beautiful place with many cobble-stone streets and lots of magnificent views.





Got back to camp, face-timed Dom – many ‘screen freezes’ and had to re-connect several times. Had bot a bit more food in the town (well – a few buns, some cherry tomatoes, and – oh – some red wine). Ate a great dinner of tortellini stuffed with gorgonzola, with veggies of all sorts on the side. Tried to plan our route for tomorrow, and where we might stay the night, then park ourselves the next day in prep for Tuesday’s grand climb. Trying to prepare myself for how chilly it might be.

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