May 27 – Saturday

Woke early (what’s new) to streaming sunshine. My tent’s under trees, but not all around – I’m totally mixed up about which direction I’m facing – I thought my main tent entrance was facing west, but apparently it’s actually east. Face-timed Dom, even though it was after 10:30 at night in Kelowna, but he answered fairly quickly. I knew he’d want to know I made it here ok and was too tired by the time I got setup last night to let him know where I was.

Checked in just after 8 – you get a blue plastic bracelet with a chip of some sort in it for the showers – you can have 3 a day – guess people swim a lot here. Then went next door to the store, which is actually quite well stocked. Got some whole-grain bread (well – at least multi-grain), a large bottle of water, and a just as large bottle of red wine. Grand total – 26 k (just over $5!).

Came back and moved my tent – was on a bit of a slant, and not enough shade. The view isn’t quite as good, but I can still see water, and a village the hill across from me. Powered up the ipad from my solar panel – works quite well.

The campground is really very nice – lots of gardens, water fountains, bar, restaurant, kids park (lots of kids here). I may stay awhile, despite the highway so close. I checked out a couple of other places online, and they’re at least as close to the road as this one is.

A nice couple (of motorcyclists) next to me heard me trying to pound in my pegs when I moved the tent and came over with a hammer – works a lot better than the bottom of my metal water bottle.

Planning on taking a ride around the area tomorrow – figure the traffic won’t be quite so heavy on a Sunday.

Had a very quiet day – hung around enjoying the weather, but staying out of the sun. There are a few cats about the place – figure they’re probably all strays, as they all look rather small and thin. Heard some hissing and growling outside my tent and saw a couple of them facing off. Shewed the bigger one away and tried to calm the smaller, black one. Went back to the store for more water (and some peanuts in the shell) and got a packet of cat food. Found the little black kitty again and gave it a portion of the food (think it’s fish) and he wolfed it down. After two more portions I decided it was enough for now or he might get sick. Will look for him again and give him more. Poor little things – seem very sweet if only given a bit of attention and a little caring.


It’s a very lovely evening – not quite so hot as it was earlier – ever-present breeze. Face-timed Dom again – had a nice chat. My kitties miss me very much and are extra demanding, of course.

Took a nice walk around and sat on a bench out of the sun. Walked down to a point just above the beach and did some chi gong. Wonderful breeze, sound of wind and water – very relaxing.


Can’t find the little black kitty again, but I’m sure he’ll be back as I still have some food left, and its smells strongly of fish..

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