July 22 – Saturday

Got up later than usual – heard the churchbells ring eight once, then again a minute or two later. Got up and had a nice breakfast before going up to the wi-fi area and posting another update to my blog.
Colin and I put enough laundry together to do a load in the washer near the office, then I went back and did yoga for the first time since Sunday. Took the doggies for a walk around the campground – saw the pool and recreation area – two tennis courts, ‘beach’ volleyball, children’s play area, restaurant, etc.

Did some more internet stuff – downloading pics is still a pain even though the wi-fi here is pretty good (note to Rebecca – you were right). Hung the clothes up to dry – some things were done in less than an hour it’s so hot here.
Had lunch, then watched the ITT for the Tour on tv – in French, unfortunately. Looks like the Froomster is going to win another Tour, unless someone has the chutzpah to go for it into Paris tomorrow instead of posing for pic’s and drinking champagne while riding.

Had a wonderful refreshing swim in the pool – lots of people but the pool was large enough. Lay in the sun for a bit, then went back to the campervan.
Colin got us pizza for dinner – ready in about 5 minutes and cooked in an outdoor wood-fired oven. Took it back to our campsite to eat outside – it was delicious.

It’s so blessedly quiet here – no traffic noise, only the creek and the birds, plus the churchbells, of course.

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