August 7 – Monday

Another gray, chilly day, but no rain yet – waited until the afternoon to go for a ride hoping the sky would clear, but no luck there. Neighbour Lynn brought over some homemade muffins, and gave me her wi-fi info – works much better than Jane’s since it’s so much closer.

Rode back to the canal but turned left towards the city centre this time. Most of the way it still felt like I was out in the country – very quiet, and not as many pedestrians as yesterday until I got nearer to the centre.

Passed more and more houses and some apartment buildings, a playground, etc as I neared the centre. Didn’t go all the way to the end of the canal, but stopped a km or so before it joined the river as it was now right in the city and not as quiet and peaceful.
Headed back the way I’d come, narrowly missing an oblivious pedestrian standing in the middle of the path talking with another oblivious pedestrian. There’s no bell on the bike so whenever I come upon someone I yell ‘bicycle coming’ so they aren’t taken by surprise and don’t suddenly step in my way. I was still in the city and the two (a man and a woman) were stopped right on the path gabbing away, both standing sideways to me so really should have seen me as well as heard me yelling, not once but twice that a bike was coming, then my third yell was ‘HELLO!!’. The woman slowly turned her head to acknowledge me, but barely bothered to move – I rode around them on the grass, which thankfully at that point was wide enough that I didn’t have to ditch into the canal and swim around them.
Got back to the house after just over 2 hours riding – the arm I hurt yesterday doesn’t feel too bad – at least it doesn’t impede my riding. Had the rest of the venison for dinner, along with some fresh pesto pasta – quite a nice combination, actually.

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