October 27 – Friday

Ate breakfast, then hit the road for Todi, where Colin was to meet Danila to sign some papers for the house. She had emailed him the name and address of the cafe she said to meet in, but he was unable to open the map she’d attached, and the GPS couldn’t find the address so we just drove into Todi and parked near the top of the hill.

We stopped and asked a young lady if she knew where the cafe was and she gave us directions, saying it was near a super market, and was about a 7 minute drive. We drove in what we thought was the right direction, but ended up turning around and going back to Todi, but not up the hill.

We got more directions, the cafe isn’t actually in Todi, but Ponteria, which is at the bottom of the hill and across the bridge. We found the super market, but couldn’t find any cafe with the name ‘Delicious’ so asked another lady – it was right across the road, but didn’t have that name anywhere in sight.

Colin went in and saw Danila right away – she had been looking up his phone number to find out where he was as we were by then about 20 minutes late for the meeting. We ended up following her back to Todi and right up the hill again. We parked and took a funicular up steepest part of the hill to the old town, and walked just a bit to get to the office where Colin could get an Italian tax number.

707265BB-D4FF-4A13-B759-1FC2753655B7I, meanwhile, took the doggies to the main square and parked it at a cafe where I had a delicious cappuccino while waiting. The chairs all had nice cozy blankets folded on the backs and they were perfect for sitting on or wrapping a shivering little dog in.

Colin and Danila appeared after a bit, and were then off again so he could open a bank account, so doggies and I stayed at the cafe and had a glass of wine (for me) and some water in my coffee saucer (for the doggies).

The wine arrived with a small plate of potato chips and tiny pizza bits and the doggies were trying everything in their power to get some – they did get a couple of bites each against my better judgement. They were very good for most of the time, except whenever another dog passed, then the barking would start – I did have a good grip on the leash this time, though, so no near disasters.

After about two hours little ones were getting restless so I paid up (not cheap wine!) and took them around the piazza a couple of times, always watching out for Colin in case he came to the cafe looking for us. When more and more time passed I began to worry that he’d come to get us while we were walking around and I’d missed seeing him. I had just asked the doggies if we should try to find the car (I had the keys) but they were non-committal about it, when Colin showed up. It had taken all that time just to open a bank account – I had read before that anything requiring paperwork in Italy could be very time consuming, and they weren’t kidding.

4694B77A-47E1-4A9B-BF85-A3AD390DD39AWe made our way back down to the car, and in the parking lot there was the friendliest little black and white cat – it came right up to me (after the dogs had gone on with Colin) and rubbed against my leg looking for pats – it didn’t look skinny and scruffy like most strays do, so I think it probably belonged to someone. We then went back to the Delicious cafe for a quick bite before Colin went into Danila’s office to sign more documents. Danila was already in the cafe having her own quick lunch and was just about ready to leave – we found out when we went to pay for ours that she had already done so for us. The pizzas we had (3 different pieces) were all really tasty.

Colin went into Danila’s office, which was just down the road, almost next to the bridge, while I stayed outside near the car. I wandered around a tiny bit – always within sight of the car – Colin came out after awhile to tell me it was taking longer than expected – although that is to be expected in Italy, after all.

Paperwork finally done we headed back to Marsciano to the store, then on to the hotel. Had another light dinner, flipped channels a bit – couldn’t find any more cheerleaders vs couch potatoes, or anything else in english. Ended up reading my travel journal entries right from the beginning, which I haven’t done before – got as far as July 14 – the day before my first Tour de France stage.E79866E1-FDB8-47A3-AF1B-F87E5A782CAD

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