Waiting for the ITT at Villa Lagarina

1AAD5A56-B6DC-4F6C-B014-7229A5B632FDHad a not-bad sleep – lots of dreams.  In one I was going by our old house on Lakeshore Rd and the door was open so I asked if I could have a peek inside.  All of the rooms were in the same place but there was the addition of a second floor. The heating stove in the living room was gone and the cooking stove in the kitchen was on the other side of the room.  In another dream I saw a ladies bike outside a store and decided to take it (!) then when I was riding it to another store thought that if the cops were waiting for me outside for stealing the bike it would be very embarrasing so I rode it back to the first store.  I decided to buy it since the tag said it was only $26.95 but when I went into the store it rang up as $6,295. I said ‘even my beautiful Cannondale only cost $1,850!’. I then thought to myself, still dreaming, ‘at least I didn’t steal it – if it cost $26.95 getting caught with that would have been bad enough, but if it was $6,295 that would be much more serious’!

0B98FE68-215D-47BA-8E85-A940A21E6DF2Back in the real world after a quick bite to eat got on the bike for a real ride.  Started down the hill to the village and rode around a bit – stopped at an open cafe and had an excellent cappuccino.  I was reading the sporting paper The Gazette, which is printed on pink paper, and wanted to write down the start order for the time trial tomorrow but my pen wouldn’t work.  The three older Italian fellows at the next table saw my dilema and one of them went up to the bar and got a pen for me. In addition to the start order I made note of where the 3 Cdns are in the overall – Michael Woods is currently 17th (he was 7th last year in the Vuelta), Boivin is 111th and Sven Tuft is 159th.  After leaving the cafe I took a ride around the village – it’s bigger than it looks from the road.

B4558D0D-25F0-4FC8-BCD7-69E8545652BBA little while later Colin, Mo and I, in addition to our neighbour Guido, walked down to the village, Colin got a couple of things from the co-op market then we all went to a cafe for some coffee.  Guido filled up his water bottle from the main village fountain.

4F57C867-CB77-4693-AB6B-CBEC08A5C510By the time we got back to the campervan it was almost time for lunch.  It ended up taking me quite a while to get things together as I kept running out to take photos as many of the racers were doing test runs of the ITT course.  Today’s a rest day for them and a lot of them did ride the route although I didn’t see the Froomester.

1BFD2045-713D-4206-A0FC-93907C2445A346496ED6-8502-48A1-8273-448675EB6E9BAfter I finished lunch I visited Guido for a bit as he ate his lunch, then Colin and I walked, with Mo of course, back to the village again. Tried for awhile to get hooked up to the free village wi-fi but was unsuccessful so continued on to the same cafe we’d been to earlier.  We were only there for a short bit when two guys started to install the air-conditioning unit on the ceiling. I couldn’t believe they were doing it with customers right below them and no coverings on the tables or anything. They were cutting metal and everything – using a piece of cardboard as protection from the sparks that were flying everywhere.  The smell was horrible – we moved out to the ‘outside area’ where the cigarette smoke was less noxious than the metal-cutting.

A3129E43-04CA-4042-8D97-DE780BEA63B5I went to say hello to Guido and he invited me in – he had his tv on and confirmed that he will get the ITT tomorrow so we’ll know who’s coming, etc.  He then put the moves on me ‘you have such beautiful eyes’, ‘your bed in the campervan must be so piccolo (small) and my bed here is very grande (large)’, ‘don’t you get cold?’.  I gulped down the last half of my wine and left.

8A4CBE0F-D1E0-4A03-B59E-EAD70376C096At last another campervan pulled in beside us – a man and his son, both with bikes.  Shortly thereafter a fourth one showed up – our little space is almost full, and our view of the village and mountains is blocked.


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    > sallymckenzieblog posted: “Had a not-bad sleep – lots of dreams. In one I > was going by our old house on Lakeshore Rd and the door was open so I asked > if I could have a peek inside. All of the rooms were in the same place but > there was the addition of a second floor. The heating s” >


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