From lago to lago

Got a fairly early start heading south/southwest along the eastern edge of Lago di Garda, which was just beautiful.  

7677CBDE-6ED7-43A9-AF9D-C82310F3CE3E0E9B3345-2DDD-4CB7-846C-749AB16474EDWe went thru many lovely little towns right along the lakeshore and it was a wonderful drive right until we got about ¾ of the way down.

010E4963-F35C-425E-B4A0-9554ABF1D9EDWe suddenly hit standstill traffic – wondered if there was an accident, but then we saw a sign that made us believe there was road-work happening.  It turns out that there was actually a market on in the next town and it was right along the ‘highway’.

We just got moving on the other side of the town when once again we were bumper-to-bumper backed up.  We were getting near the toll-motorway and saw a stranded semi-truck but that wasn’t the problem. We were diverted down and around an exit/entrance ramp and above us we could see that on the highway there had been a very hot fire – the road barrier and some of the tarmac had been so badly burned they were melted and the road crews were re-paving the whole overpass.

After the two slow-downs we seemed to really be moving, bypassing Brescia, Bergamo and Milano before veering west/northwest.  We exited the toll-highway and went west a bit towards Borgomanero, then north along the east side of Lago Orta. It is small, but very beautiful.  About half-way along the road at Pettanasco we found the signs that directed us up the hill to the campground we’d chosen.

7DB811D9-ECEE-41CE-B579-6356AB89E9A0It has awesome views of the lake, including an island with structures on it.  I asked the fellow at the check-in whether it was a hotel and he said that no – it was a monestery and nuns stilled lived there.  I wondered if the monks were now getting lucky, but kept that joke between Colin and myself.

3152841A-E730-4E30-B4A3-254663A8CAF2It is very quiet and relaxing here and we’ll be staying for two nights.  I have to pay for the wi-fi connection so won’t be looking at stupid news as much as usual.  I’ll just have to resign myself to enjoying where I am at this moment – can’t be far from paradise.

Had a wonderful shower, although another thing that’s on the clock – 3 ½ minutes per token, which he gave us when we checked in.  I had asked if there was laundry and he said yes, but all I could find was sinks outside, and one had a huge beetle in it. I did do some hand-laundry and hung it to dry on a line that we strung up, although it wasn’t warm enough to dry it through.  Put the still damp things in a waterproof bag to try again tomorrow.

Colin, in the meantime, had found the ‘real’ laundry – both a washer and dryer that were inside the men’s part of the shower/toilette facilities. That was the one place I hadn’t looked, as who really expects the men to do the laundry and not the women??

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