Enjoying the Terrace

E8A0382A-FDC3-469B-9B83-67B66AED5A8FSpent most of Monday doing loads of laundry and cleaning the kitchen while Colin went to the home-store to arrange for the air conditioner to get installed.  I also vacuumed and dusted, in addition to wiping down all of the cupboards and washing all of the dishes that are used regularly.

177EF0E6-C672-441E-85A8-397009A2D9A3The space sure looks bigger with all of the tools out, and we’re going to move the china cabinet after the air-con is done.  I took Mo for a walk down to the village store and then when we returned wiped off the outside table and a couple of chairs.  Sitting there on the terrace with a nice glass of wine is about what I had expected – just fabulous. (Below is the view from the terrace’s sitting area)

A08474EC-710C-4440-A4CB-8D1658FD4B82One of the black neighbourhood cats was sitting on the upper wall above the terrace and little Mo was down beneath going a bit mad trying to get at him – he didn’t seem at all worried, though, and just sat and lounged there looking down at us.

37D52DF7-6B3E-4B0F-9E70-44B560C26B19Tuesday was a bit of a lazy day for me, although Colin got to work putting the first coat of black stain on the front outside door.  He also re-painted the mailbox and it looks very sharp.

All I did was take Mo for a little walk down the hill to the store and back, then down again later with Colin for a drink at Poppy’s.  The owner seems to like us – he came out a couple of times and we chatted about where we had been the last week. He said he wishes he could do what we do, and that he wants to have his son take over the bar in a few years so he can move to Portugal.  He also told us that there are no fish anymore in lago Orta because of the chromium – ewww – it kind of taints my memory of how beautiful it was, and I’m sure glad I never jumped in for a quick swim. Oh – they also serve Caffe Vergnano 1882 here – now I’m noticing it everywhere!

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