Cavour – paradise in Piemont

Yet another gorgeous morning – it’s very quiet and peaceful at the campsite.  It’s a little out of town and on a steep hill with lots of trees. 15C26182-1436-4799-9CF9-3E06E7B4183AWe had a visitor that was perfectly happy to come inside the campervan and see Mo – another little dog that got along great with her.  It might be some kind of spaniel, and Colin thinks it belongs to someone staying in one of the bungalows up the hill from us.

C49B9107-1295-4DE2-9D20-A12FE31F13B2Took Mo for a little walk around – saw which of the bungalows the cook is staying in – her cat was watching us from the safety of the deck.  Walked up some steps and found the organic garden that a lot of the produce in the restaurant must come from.

0FC1ED1D-A9D5-4A41-A641-BA241D219A4FGot going around 9:30, heading north to the motorway.  Got a little frustrated at one point as the GPS was misleading us slightly, but it all worked out.  

B8648795-F0FE-43B1-AC9B-7CFD800FBC68Covered a lot of miles towards the west quickly, but the scenery just isn’t the same – we can see the Apennines just to the south almost all the way, but the plain itself is kind of boring.  The drivers here are just crazy – one small car ahead of us looked like he was going to exit the motorway, but at the last instant he pulled back right in front of us, then veered halfway into the left lane, then back and forth, back and forth over the line of one side or the other.  We finally got by him and when I looked down at the driver he was texting – stupid idiot!

Stopped in Pinerolo for food supplies, then on to Cavour, where we went first into the town and my favourite cafe for a cappuccino.  Had no luck at all with the internet, but the coffee was great and just being there made me happy.

Got to the campground around 5:00 and were met, as usual, by mama Maya and baby Spreet, both barking up a storm.  Parked in the ‘usual’ spot and had gnocchi and a greek salad for dinner while it thundered and threatened rain outside.

EEFBCF42-F4E7-49A4-B244-44E8BF39B484Just after dinner I took Mo for a walk-about and when we crossed the courtyard the little ones came yapping up to us – Mo didn’t quite know what to do – she didn’t get all growly or anything, but I scooped her up just in case.

AFD3DFB0-A5B4-47CE-B1BF-ABEAECA555F4As we were heading back to the campervan the sky opened and the rain starting pouring – not as bad as when I got here for the first time last June, but wet and noisy just the same.

Colin and I walked to the place next door (that has the excellent restaurant) and got a glass of wine and used their wi-fi.  Even though we weren’t having dinner the waiter brought us a stack of bread sticks and a plate of cheese cubes and some kind of salami.  I ate almost constantly – never had so much white bread in my life as I’ve had in Italy! When I went to pay the waiter he mentioned the lousy weather – not sunny like last year – he remembered me!


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