35 km and some footie

Loaded another route into the GPS – got a little frustrated as it doesn’t seem to accept every route I plan in BikeMap.  I eventually got a good route loaded – I’m trying to go out every day in a different direction so I get to see more of the countryside around here, and all of the pretty villages along the way.  I set out just after 9:00 and rode southwest thru Cellettes and Villognon to Amberac where I turned north.

3FAE599D-DA5D-4B55-8DD1-7EC8218A7348Miss GPS got me turned around a couple of times in the villages – the direction to turn isn’t always fast enough so I ride past then have to go back when it beeps that I’m ‘off course’.  Almost the entire time I was riding past barley or corn fields, gently rolling hills, the lovely small villages, the occasional creek or river, and once in awhile a shrine or large cross.

After passing thru Fouqueure I had to go on the main road for a few km – it had just been re-surfaced and was still smelly and throwing up small bits of black stuff as I rode.  I left my planned route very near Luxe, so instead of going up to Ligne I went across on much smaller roads to Villesoubis, where I picked up the route again.

3AD8458A-76E6-47DA-9C29-887E53E25D43From there it was down the hill to Chateaurenaud then across the river to St. Groux, where I once again knew where I was.  A nice ride in the shade (thank goodness – it was near 30 degrees) and on into Mansle. I was gone just about 2 ½ hours, but it did include stopping to take photos, as well as figuring out what Miss GPS was beeping about a couple of times.

B5A325CF-12CE-453F-BCAE-8F3D8DAED03BColin and Mo were just leaving the house when I arrived, so they continued on down to the bar for a coffee while I had a quick shower and did some laundry.  I had just hung my clothes on the line and was getting ready to go down to the bar to meet them when they returned home.

I walked to the store, then came home and had a small greek salad for lunch.  Around 5:00 we went down to the campground bar, where the football match between France and Peru was about to start.  Folks kept arriving to watch the game, and by the time we left the place was pretty much full.  I didn’t really care who won, but I made sure to keep that between Colin and myself – the fans here are pretty serious about their team.

Colin made a delicious pasta bolognese for dinner, then I went to bed earlier than usual, although it took forever to get to sleep – maybe I need to drink more wine (ha ha ha!!).


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