Taking it Easy in Worcester

4F7523FE-AC69-4DB0-9963-C522D88DF599Yesterday and today followed a similar pattern – up at a decent time, nice cup of tea followed by breakfast. Around 11:00 taking Mo for a walk, and stopping off at the Pub on the way home.
They let me take Mo inside as long as I kept to the area that doesn’t have carpet, which was fine with us. I got a glimpse of Chips, the pub cat, who still looks healthy and well-fed, although since I had Mo with me I didn’t try to get near her.
Colin took the mini in for the MOT so he’ll be able to drive it in a day or two with proper insurance. The new bike he’d ordered arrived so he spent a little time setting it up and getting it ready to ride.
One night we had lovely lamb chops with roasted potatoes for dinner, and the next night we got fish and chips from the Bull pub in Fernhill Heath. We always eat so well!

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