Another Journey Begins

My current journey began very early – up at 2:00 and out of the house by 3:45. Check-in was easy – I’d already paid for my extra bag – Dominic had to leave when I went thru security so then I was on my own. Flight to Vancouver was ok – although we didn’t get so much as a cup of tea or bag of nuts. Waited a few hours in Vancouver for the flight to Montreal – this time at least got a cup of coffee, although no food. Watched Ocean’s 8 and a couple of tv shows.
The final flight was delayed a bit so they could de-ice the plane but the flight was good. We got dinner not long after take-off, then it was lights-out for most as it was by then fairly late and dark. Watched another movie and some more tv, then tried to get a bit of sleep, which was fruitless.
Landed at Fiumicino a half-hour early to bright sunshine and about 19 above – the winter coat I started out wearing was changed for a light sweater. I headed through security – there was one poor couple up at the front with their packs open and items strewn about – I assume they had lost their passports – the wife was getting a little irritated.
Had no problem with security so moved on to pickup my bags and out the door to meet Colin. I sent him a message and he called me back, agreeing where to meet. 20 minutes later he and Mo pulled up and we were off – just as if I’d never left.

I’m so glad he came and picked me up rather than having to take the train to Foligno – I was so tired I could barely stay awake on the drive to Papiano, and ended up having a nap almost as soon as we got to the house.

After a couple of hours sleep I managed to get up and eat a bit of the roast chicken legs and veggies that Colin made. Stayed up for a couple more hours, then early bed.

Feeling better the next morning we did a bit of cleanup on the campervan then went down to the bar for a cappuccino – best coffee I’ve had since I left Italy last October.

Colin’s new bed arrived, but they could only get part of the frame up the narrow stairs – they’ll have to bring a different setup next week. I made a nice chicken soup out of the leftovers from yesterday, and had another early night.

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