Criterium Du Dauphine – ITT

63837AD2-B708-459E-94C5-817470F92284We moved our chairs down the hill a bit so we’re directly across from a hedge on a steep incline – there won’t be any people standing there getting in our shots. I’m right next to a small group of french men, and they seem to think I’m pretty funny – I can’t understand much but I know they talked about me quite a bit. I was wearing my rah-rah skirt and every time I bent over to get water for Mo or something they kept tittering about it – but it’s not actually a skirt! It’s LPGA with built-in shorts, but at least they got their entertainment.
The ITT started a little late – likely due to Froome’s crash – as the first rider didn’t appear until about twenty to two. I’d experimented with my camera quite a lot with the amateurs and re-con riders so by the time the race was actually on I knew the best angle and zoom points – I didn’t even get off the chair and no one was in front of me or in the background – it was almost perfect.
I was pleasantly surprised by the crowd that eventually lined the road – very nice to see the great turnout especially after yesterday. Being so near the town and having the great weather certainly helped, I guess.
In a couple of my photos I can see myself reflected in the rider’s sun visors – Sally selfie!!
We knew the order of the riders as they go in reverse from the current overall standings. Each rider has a team car behind them with their name on it – even so when I squinted to see one near the end I was puzzled about who ‘Vatesa’ was – a spanish or south american rider I’d never heard of in the top 10?? I felt extremely foolish when I realized it wasn’t ‘VATESA’, but ‘YATES.A’ – Adam Yates riding for Mitchelton Scott – ha ha ha!! I laughed so hard I snorted – the frenchmen next to me didn’t get the joke, but they thought I was hilarious.
By now my neighbours knew where I was from, so when Michael Woods appeared they cheered at least as loudly for him as I did.
My satisfaction with my photos was the direct opposite of yesterday’s – I have so many excellent ones I can hardly choose. A very nice problem to have for once.
We packed up fairly quickly, said goodbye to our neighbours and got on the road to Mansle before 5:00.
We took a slightly quicker route back, hitting fierce rain at times, and got home just after 9:30 – a good little trip. I do, however, look like a raccoon now because of my sunglasses – I need a hat with a large brim, or maybe I should have used the umbrella (one day for the rain, next day for the sun!).

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