Rio Luna

It was later than I thought when I got up – I hadn’t heard the 7:00 alarm which was apparently because Colin’s phone had run out during the night. We had a kind-of-weak cup of tea as we were down to our last bag, then got on the road west towards Leon.
We followed a somewhat familiar route – past Najera and Burgos, then continuing west past Sahagun until just south of Leon.
The Camino de Santiago was almost always nearby, going alongside us, then crossing over to the other side, while occasionally veering a little south or north from the motorway.
Miss GPS managed, once again, to get us off track at the very end – we knew we were being misled and had to fire up Miss Wayz to get us back to where we were actually heading – the place that hopefully will be able to fix the fridge in the campervan. We don’t have a lot in the fridge right now since unless we’re hooked up to electrics it barely keeps things cool – the blue cheese is bluer than it should be, if you know what I mean!

We eventually located the place we were looking for – closed for lunch, of course. Just as I was looking up a phone number a lady walked up to us and told us a friend of hers ran the shop and he’d be back in about an hour, but we could wait where we were until he returned.

Promptly at 3:30 the fellow came back to open up the shop – he had a quick look at the fridge, then went indside and made a bunch of phone calls. The quickest he could get the necessary part was 10 days, so since we can’t possibly wait that long he decided to try to fix it himself.

I took Mo across the road to a cafe to wait while Colin assisted the very nice fellow. After about an hour they were done and the fridge is working – at least on gas, but not sure about battery. Colin came over to get us – we enjoyed some free tapas, including some local chorizo that the bartender was particularly pleased about.
We’d picked two campsites to choose from about an hour’s north of Leon – one right on a man-made lake/reservoir and the other just north of it. We passed on the first one – it looked very pretty but was squished in right between the highway and the lake.
The second one was perfect – very quiet, not too big, really nice people. It has a small bar with a nice outside sitting area, as well as wi-fi, although the signal’s not great.

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