Back to Rio de Luna

A beautiful morning greeted us at the little aire – such a lovely place.

The drive to Rio Luna was pretty flat and a bit boring, at least until we passed Leon and got into the foothills of the mountains.

The dam at the end of the reservoir didn’t look like it’s letting any water out and the lake does look higher than when we were last here.  There were lots of boats out and the marina was pretty full.

The campground was much busier than it was two years ago, but we ended up on the exact same pitch.  First thing I did was shower, and did the hot water ever feel good!

Down at the campground’s bar we had a nice conversation with a british couple that now live in southern Spain and are up here for a vacation.  As with most brits we talk with they are frustrated by England’s ever changing covid rules – visitors are hesitant to come over as rules may change while they’re here and they’ll have a huge hassle getting back to England.

One afternoon we looked up and there was a rainbow in the clouds – no rain at all, in fact most of the sky was bright blue – a hot and sunny day.

We’re having a little vacation here before heading to the north coast.  The first ride we took was on Wednesday into San Emiliano where we saw the fabulous horse fair two years ago.

We had a coffee at one of the cafes and I asked the waitress if the horse fair was going to be on at the end of the month – I showed her some photos I’d taken two years ago and she said, very sadly that no, the fair was off because of covid.  Darn!  We were really looking forward to it.

I then went into the small supermarket to get some cheese for the pasta to go with my bolognese sauce, and a local interpreted for me and sent me to the proper area of the store to get the best cheese – made just down the road.  Unfortunately I’ve let my Spanish lessons slide a bit in favour of Italian and haven’t brushed up enough – I’ll have to do better!

The little ones were pretty good in their chariot on our first ride into San Emiliano, but the second ride when we went up to Abelgas wasn’t so pleasant – at least for me. 

They’re sharing one chariot as Colin’s bike doesn’t have the proper connection, and both dogs did nothing but bark and howl the entire time up and down to the village.  At one point on the way back we were chased for quite a while by a big dog – that was something I just didn’t want to deal with!

It gets quite cold here at night – just above freezing, but by mid-afternoon we want to hide in the shade.  Yet it’s not nearly as hot as some places – it reached 48.8 in Sicily yesterday, and the fires back home are so bad.  We feel very fortunate, and don’t take anything for granted.

Even though the campground seems pretty packed and there are a lot of kids, it’s very quiet, especially in the mornings.  We had a very late sleep in this morning and didn’t arise until 9:30 – quite unusual.

We did take the doggies for a nice walk on the trail behind the campground – we’d followed it all the way around 2 years ago but turned back partway this time as it was getting hot.

When I downloaded my photos and then compared them to the ones I took last time I wasn’t too surprised to see that some of them are almost identical between the two years.  I like what I like!

They had recently cut the weeds, etc along the path and right around a new thistle were dozens of tiny blue butterflies – you can’t see them that well in my photo but they were awesome.

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