May 9 – Tuesday

Didn’t sleep too bad, considering everything around me was soaked and it thundered and lightninged for hours. Perhaps the thunder woke up the frogs and the dogs – there was a chorus of frog croaking and then a dog howling competition – but I didn’t mind – I was snug and warm in my tent.

Woke up early – roosters, peacocks and other various birds crowing and chirping – discovered they have a bit of a menagerie here.


It took a while for the mist to clear, but when it did it was lovely to see the sun. Thunder clouds threatened but seem to have gone around us, we never got rain (at least not yet). Strung a line and hung all my wet clothes to dry.


Went for a walk around the campground – it’s pretty big, including olive orchards and large garden.  Oh yes – when I arrived yesterday they gave me a small bottle of their own olive oil – they don’t label it organic but they don’t use pesticides or anything so it probably is organic – can’t wait to try it.

Went to their ‘store’ and picked up the bread I ordered yesterday – multi/whole grain, and baked fresh every morning. – kind of like a small sub rather than a ‘loaf’. Also got a fuel canister for my camp stove so I can make my own tea in the morning, as well as a can of tuna and some niblets corn (no fresh garden produce yet, but in the summer it would be plentiful). Sat in the sun outside the bar and ate lunch, then went searching for my bike odometer/clock/mutli-function device that I couldn’t find anywhere – it must have slipped off the handlebar when I was pushing it yesterday. Walked a mile or so down the horrible hill I climbed yesterday to no avail, then actually found it right in front of the entrance gate to the campground. I swear I searched that very area several times already, but at least I found it. Even after being on the ground in the rain all night it still works!

Checked out the route for the Giro stage that I’m here to see – it’s only a few km from my campground – as I hoped it would be, and that’s why I picked this place to stay. I’ll likely ride down to the main road tomorrow to check it out and plan where I’m going to park myself so I can get the best photos.

Did a good clean-out of my tent, including drying the floor under the second ‘ground cover’ that was supposed to be for under my yoga mat outside but because the inside of the tent got wet yesterday when I was setting it up I put it under all my stuff for the night.

Met the folks in the small motor-home that I pitched my tent next to – Roland and Nell from Holland. Went for another walk and took some more pic’s, but cut it short as the storm clouds seemed to be coming back.



Got to my tent just in time to grab everything off the line right before the storm hit again. More thunder, more lightning, more rain – but that’s ok – nothing got soaked this time. I’m so glad I got a 2-person tent since me and all my stuff (except the bike, of course) fit in the tent so nothing is left out in the rain.

Had a nice after-dinner glass of wine with Roland and Nell (well, Nell didn’t drink any wine as she is on medication for a cold) – they seen like a very sweet couple and have travelled extensively around Europe in their motorhome. I hope to see them again as I believe they will be here for at least a couple more days. Since we are now the only campers on the site it’s very nice to have good company.

Rain seems to have stopped – again. Almost full moon – very lovely night.


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