May 13 – Saturday

Looks like a beautiful day – sun shining bright at 6:30. Did some laundry, made some tea (loving my cookstove!), had a quick bite to eat, picked up my fresh warm bread from the store – the usual. Headed out with Colin to scout out the ITT route, and so he could pick a spot to park his camper-van Monday night to be ready for the tour to pass.


Road at Madonna della Grazie that the ITT comes up

IMG_2251Ended up in Bevagna where we walked around a bit, stopped for cappuccino (for Colin) and tea (for me) and water (for his little dogs – a hit with the waitress).

Saw a small painting exhibit – all featuring females and bicycles. Picked up some prosciutto from the same shop I’d been in yesterday, and more fresh veggies from the other shop I hit yesterday.



Headed next to Todi, about 40 km (?) and a valley or two over from this one. I’d seen it on one of the Italian cooking/travel shows I watched so much and didn’t think I was going to make it there. Very narrow, rough roads, but made it ok – trying to cycle there would have been a bad decision, but in Colin’s van it was a different story. Todi’s a small town on a hilltop, surrounded by walls.


One of the roads up is so steep trucks and campers aren’t allowed, so took the longer, less steep road. Ended up parking on the side of a road and having a picnic lunch of the food I’d bot in Bevagna, as well as some bread and delicious sheep cheese that Colin had. Climbed on foot to the actual old town, and walked around a bit. If I didn’t live there, and had maybe a glass (or two) of wine I’d be totally lost in all the narrow, winding streets/alleys. Colin had another cappuccino, then we headed back towards ‘home’.


Veared off to the road to Montefalco, where the ITT ends on Tuesday – it’s all decked out with pink flags and displays everywhere – I bet it’s going to be really festive on Tuesday. Couldn’t find a place to park the van, so took a road back down the hill. Ended up taking the ‘scenic’ route back, via Foligno, but was a great drive. I got to see almost this whole valley, plus Todi – a very worthwhile trip.

Had a really nice dinner with Roland, Nell and Colin – good food, good company, good conversation, plus my pork steak was excellent.  Sat on the terrace a bit and finished a glass of wine with Colin – late night, but very enjoyable.


More folks arriving to partake of the Giro – I believe they’re from Chili, and there’s 3 or 4 camper vans and a big tent.  Saw some bikes – maybe I’ll meet them tomorrow.

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