May 14 – Sunday

IMG_2291Another beautiful morning in my Umbrian paradise. Had a nice shower – lost a token in the first one I tried, but luckily I had enough time with my one remaining token to wash my hair and get properly rinsed before the hot water ran out on me.

Noticed that there are actually a lot more Chileans here than I thought – there are at least 8 or 9 more tents on another level below the others that I didn’t see last night in the dark. They even have a couple of massage tables setup under a canopy, and one of the vans is black with a big pink map of Italy on the side.



Tested out my solar panel to charge the ipad – seems to work ok but is slower than the electric plug-ins, and a couple of times when I checked the progress it said ‘not charging’ even though the panel was in full sun and still attached to the ipad.  Took a walk around the area below my tent – this place is huge!  If it was full there’d be hundreds of vans and tents.


Went up to Colin’s van for lunch, then watched the end of the Blockhause stage on his satellite tv. Made a major decision change for tomorrow. Instead of going to Foligno for the day we’re going to go to Bevagna to get some more fresh veggies and other food, then stake out our spot for Tuesday’s race. Most of the riders will be out on some part of the course on Monday anyway and we’ll likely see more of them on the road than in the town.

Said goodbye to Roland and Nell in case I don’t see them in the morning – such a nice couple and hope we keep in touch.  They’re headng east to the Adriatic coast, then eventually up to Salsburg.  Hope they have a wonderful trip,

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