May 22 – Monday

Got up a little late – didn’t sleep that well, and kept waking up. There was a terrific wind storm at one point, but literally lasted only 5-10 minutes. Had a nice breakfast, then went for a walk up the hill to a closed restaurant that had a bit of a lookout – saw more of the road down the other side of the pass – it’s every bit as bad as the way up this side.


It’s not really a town or even a village here – most of the buildings are combination ski school/hotel/restaurant/bar, and there are still folks going up to ski, although the lifts don’t seem to be operating – guess they’re hiking up.


Lots more campervans in the parking lot – lots more cyclists coming up both sides of the pass, lots of motorcyclists. Even a bunch of Ferraris – at least 7 or 8, and all beautiful, of course.


Had a cup of tea at a cafe – got their wi-fi password so updated my blog and downloaded some pic’s. Went back to the campervan and setup my solar panel to charge my ipad. That didn’t work very well, so I put the charger in between the panel and the ipad and that worked much better.

Saw a couple of the guys go by that had been at Pian di Boccio and ride the ‘scooters’ – they were actually coming up the mountain faster than any of the cyclists.
Just after 5 went back up to the cafe – sat on a cement wall just outside the entrance and accessed their wi-fi to face-time Dom. Said happy birthday to him and had a nice chat – it cut us off once and we couldn’t see each other the whole time, but it was great to hear him. Clouds were rolling in and the wind was picking up so we said goodbye.

Got back to the campervan just as a few raindrops started falling – it’s now hailing. Some of the folks on a higher level of the parking lot (there’s 3 or 4 levels) are getting a bit loud – wonder how late they might party. There are a lot of nice folks here from all over – met the Italian lady in the next van to us – she liked that I tried to speak with her in Italian, and she did understand what I said. Everyone thinks it’s great that I came from as far away as Canada to see the race.

And most important of all – HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOM – I LOVE YOU!!

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