June 4 – Sunday

Woken again by cat fight – got up to intervene. Little blackie followed me to my tent – had to chase other bigger one away as it tried to follow and hid under vehicles to try to escape detection. Little one ate as much as I would give him – finally got him calm enough to lie down while I sat on the ground just outside the tent opening. He got up to sniff for the canned food, and I actually got him to come in the tent. He ended up curling up on my left leg and slept for over an hour.

Church bells chimed 5:00 – there’s actually two different churches and they don’t chime at exactly the same time – one just finishes then the other one, from a different direction starts up. Sunday’s special – they don’t wait for any particular time, but have been chiming spontaneously.

Little kitty got up when I did, and was waiting for me when I got out of the shower. He hung around near the picnic table I ate my breakfast on, and I had to chase the bigger cat away again as he slunk up on little one from behind.

Did a bunch of laundry. When I was walking up to the terrace bar for my morning tea I saw the little one on the veranda of one of the cabins eating a dish of canned food. I remarked that I also fed him and he gets picked on by the bigger cat – they said ‘yes, the one with white marks’. I told them I was glad someone else was feeding him too, but they said they’re leaving today, while of course I plan to leave tomorrow. We agreed that he was so cute surely someone else would come to stay and he wouldn’t starve.

Fairly lazy day – had a nice swim followed by a nice shower. Sitting on the terrace researching cycling trails and camping between Mostar (Bosnia) and Blace (Croatia). Not sure where I’ll end up.

A motorbike pulled in near my tent and had French license plates. He was putting up a huge tent so I asked if he needed help. He declined the assistance, but we did chat a bit and agreed to get together for a drink after he’d setup and showered – his name is Pascal. Then another cyclist arrived – and it’s a female, travelling alone! Her name is Tauli and she’s from Brazil, and is a serious rider – loves mountains and flat places bore her (complete opposite of my style!).

Had a nice glass of wine on the terrace bar, then when we got back to the tents the German couple that had been next to me for several days (with their very well-behaved black dog Louie) was helping Tauli string her hammock between two trees. I joined their conversation and we all gabbed for about an hour before heading to bed around 11 or so. Tauli thinks I could ride with her – even up mountains, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t enjoy it as much as she would, and I would certainly slow her down – nice thought that she thinks I could do it, though. None of them believed me when I told them how old I am.

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