June 3 – Saturday

Awake before 4 – little early to get up, but churchbells chimed the time. Heard cats fighting – worried that little blackie is getting picked on again by the larger one whose tongue is aways hanging out. Almost got up to find them when they finally stopped – hope little one got away without too many new scratches. Churchbells chimed again at 6 – must have been asleep for the 5 o’clock ones. Six is special, though, as is noon – they don’t just count the hour, they go on and on for about five minutes – don’t know who’s going to church at 6 on a Saturday morning, though.

Got a fairly early start into Split to meet Sue (actually Kathryn – Sue is her middle name). Left some crunchies out in case blackie comes to the tent while I’m gone. Glad I left early – the coast road was longer than I expected, and I ended up off course – glad I have the map from the campground. I’m not sure if it’s market day here, or if it’s always crazy-busy. Folks with stalls selling everything right near the ‘old town’ – bought a white cotton top with long sleeves to protect my arms. Tourist office is inside the walls – tourists and tour guides everywhere – can’t imagine what the summer will be like.

Asked about ferries to the islands, including prices, got directions to a bike shop, and confirmed where Villa Gold is – not very far from each other. Found the bike shop and got some chain lube. Got lost in the little, winding streets trying to find the Villa. Thank god for the map or I’d still be going in circles.
The Villa is right next to a bistro/pizzeria so parked my bike next to the wall and sat at a table that overlooks it. Saw Kathryn and her family arrive and went to greet them – so great to see her, and so far from home! Went back to my tea while they checked in, then Kathy came and sat with me, followed in a bit by Sharon, Sharon’s son and Kate (from Kelowna!). Talking with Kathy was just as easy as it ever was and time flew.
They’ve only got the one afternoon/evening in Split and want to see the old town, etc, and I want to ride around the park at the west end of town, so the visit wasn’t long, but very worthwhile. Said goodbye after 1 1/2 hours or so, then rode to the park.
It kind of reminded me a bit of Stanley Park – very large with beaches, etc. Ended up at the waterfront back in the city, and took the busy road home as far as the turnoff to the back road that I now know. Could see lightening and hear the thunderstorm gathering to the north as I rode – made it back to camp just before the downpour hit. Decided to treat myself to a meal in the restaurant and it was excellent – pasta, kind of like fettuccine but wider noodles, with salmon and shrimp. Powered up the ipad with their electricity while I ate.

By the time I was finished eating the rain had stopped. On my way to the camp’s store heard some cheering and saw some men looking thru a fence at the field next the camp. Lively soccer game happening.

Quiet evening – lots to think about tomorrow about where I really want to go on Monday.

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