June 22 – Thursday

Got a much better, longer sleep – didn’t get up until 7:45 – quite late for me. Had a nice hot shower, did yoga, ate breakfast on the lower deck under the grape arbour, then walked down to the old city with the stuff I’m sending home.
At first the lady at the post office had to go thru a very large book to see if the ‘metal’ things I was sending were ok (saw page after page with ‘Kanada’ on them). At last she said it would be ok and we found a box that was perfect for the various size and shape of objects I had. Ended up being almost 2.7 kilos, or about 10% of the weight I had been carrying. Hope if makes a difference – at least the bags won’t be so full so packing them down will be easier.

Went to the ‘Museum of Sarajevo 1878-1918’ that is at the spot where Franz Ferdinand and his wife were shot in 1914. It was really pretty good – the display area wasn’t huge, but there was a large inter-active computer screen that had lots of different stories about the city and history going back further than 1878. I found out that the name Sarajevo means ‘palace in the fields’, which I thought was quite lovely.

I spent over an hour in the museum, then walked around a bit and picked a nice quiet spot for lunch. It was on a very small back-alley that didn’t have a lot of the normal foot traffic. I was the only customer at the time and ordered a nice cup of black tea and a salad of some sort – she said it had ‘cheese’ so I went for it. Salad turned out to be quite refreshing – lots of cheese (think it was goat’s cheese – white and salty) lots of tomatoes and lettuce (picked out the large onions and yellow peppers).

Got some other restaurant’s free wi-fi signal so caught up on emails, etc. Colin can meet me in France about a week earlier than planned so if I leave here in a couple of days and slowly make my way to France (via Italy? Or Germany?) it should work out ok.

Back at the hotel to sort out my pic’s – another thunderstorm happening in the mountains, but no rain again (at least not yet).

Did more laundry then ate dinner (left overs from chicken dinner last night). Chatted some more with Mirza, and went back down to the ‘old city’ shortly after the sun-down fireworks went off. Just walked around awhile, then came back ‘home’. The Hungarians are apparently hung up at the border so won’t be here until after midnight, and they have to pass thru my room to get to their room.

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