June 29 – Thursday

Donkey seemed especially unhappy this morning – was braying like crazy at around 6:30 so no more sleep. Bright blue sky and sun shining brightly on my tent. At least I got to do yoga for the first time since Saturday – it’s been years since I went 4 days in a row without, so it felt extra good.
Had a lovely breakfast – trying to use up the cheese I got yesterday so it doesn’t go bad if the weather actually stays warm. The package says ‘dutch’ but I would call it ‘swiss’ – whatever it is it’s delicious and I don’t like wasting good things!
Said goodbye to Angelika and Jochen and their dog Kalle (extremely well-behaved dog) – they issued another invitation to please visit them anytime in Germany. I would love to – perhaps Colin and I could arrange it, although it’s probably a little out of our planned route. Maybe next time!

Went for a ride – first stop was Cavour, where I asked a man on a bike where the bike routes around here are. He didn’t speak English, so I showed him one of the ‘useful phrases’ I had put in notes on the ipad. He nodded and led me to the ‘info’ centre where, together with the young boy on duty, got me a map of the area’s cycling routes and told me – it Italian with hand motions thrown in for good measure – how to find the nearest easy one.
Had a really good ride – first and last parts on ‘main’ roads without much traffic, and the middle part on very small side roads with almost no traffic. Rode southwest to Bagnolo, then took a very small road north to Campiglione Fenile, then back east to Cavour. It was very relaxing, except there is now a clicking noise on the front wheel that was annoying – will have to find out what’s making it.
Ended up at the same cafe as yesterday for another cup of tea, and to use their wi-fi. Facetimed Dom even though it’s 2 in the morning there. Had a nice chat but the reception wasn’t great and kept cutting out. Ate the cheese and veggies I brought as a snack while I caught up on news, etc.

Took a ride down a couple of roads with bike signs – I think I was heading south. Very pleasant and few cars, but didn’t go too far, as it might make a nice longer ride tomorrow. Headed back towards the campground and planned to stop at the market to get a few more things – but – closed for lunch – for 3 hours!

Decided to ride around a bit more to kill some time as they do seem to have a lot of bike trails – even some that don’t have any cars. Found a really nice pedestrian/bike path that winds almost all the way around the little mountain at the south end of town. The hill is called ‘Rocca di Cavour’ and looks like a very small Alp that’s all by itself on the plain 12-15 km away from all the big Alps. It’s a protected park and I believe there is a path up but I’d never make it on the bike.
Back at the main piazza in town I treated myself to some gelato – two flavours in a small cup. One was chocolate, with no milk so it was super strong flavour, and the other was creme – both very tasty and refreshing, but not too sweet.
Picked up a couple more things at the market on my way ‘home’ and made dinner. Little dogs came by on their ‘rounds’, big dog came not much later and visited for a bit. He sat on the ground cover I had out and demanded pats and scratches. Every time I stopped petting for more than a moment he was tapping my arm or leg with his paw to get some more.
The wind picked up suddenly and it started raining things from the trees above. I had to cover up my food and ended up moving to a bench in the playground that was under a different kind of tree. At least there’s no lightening, thunder or rain (yet).

Went and saw the menagerie – Mr. Donkey, two pens of sheep with little ones, one pen of goats, also with little ones, and a horse.

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