July 2 – Sunday

Was actually sleeping in a bit until the weed blower started up – 7:45 is rather late for me anyway.

After my usual routine at camp and then at the cafe in Cavour, rode west until the ‘cycle only’ path I’d passed yesterday. Headed north until I came across the river, then turned around south a bit then east on another ‘cycle only’ path – it’s so nice not to have to contend with traffic, although most of the roads I rode on were really very quiet.
Passed lots of farms – orchards, the ever present corn, dairy cows – all very beautiful with the Alps in the background.
Got back to camp after a couple of hours – only rode about 25 km today, but that’s ok. Did laundry, ate lunch – dogs don’t even bark at me any more once they realize it’s me and not some ‘stranger’.
Went next door again and sat outside on their patio and had a cup of tea. Facetimed Dom, drank more tea. Asked what they had for soup today, but it’s far too early for dinner here. The cook did come out and tell the young English-speaking waitress what kind of sandwiches she could make for me though. Ordered the ham and cheese with zucchini, which wasn’t bad. The white cheese was nice and creamy but the ham was processed and the zucchini was a bit on the mushy side. However when you’re sitting on a patio looking over a kiwi orchard towards the Alps, it’s ok.

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