July 6 – Thursday

Woken super early by mama Maya and baby Spreet – in and out of tent, but too cute! Sad to be leaving Cavour in general and this campground in particular – they have been so nice to let me stay for days after they actually closed for the summer. I’ll sure miss the furry ones – they’ve become like little (and big) shadows, following me almost everywhere I go around the campsite.
Got a good fairly early start on our journey south – hit the mountains about half-way there, passing from Piedmont to Liguria. Nice drive, and you can tell you’re near the Mediterranean by the change of vegetation – lots of olives, etc.
I’m on the Italian Riviera! Got to the city of Imperia on the Sea and drove west a bit towards San Remo. The campsite is up a small hill, but has a free shuttle bus to and from ‘the village’ several times a day.

Colin got a picture and story on his phone about the Peter Sagan incident – it may not have been his fault after all, but he’s already left – don’t know what could happen.

Had a nice dinner of lamb chops, then stayed up talking until 10. Finished the John Grisham novel in my tent.

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