July 5 – Wednesday

Woken up very early by 3 furry visitors – big dog tried to get in the tent because mama Maya did – he settled for lying down right in front with his head almost inside. Maya curled up right next to me – baby Spreet came in for a quick moment but seems a bit nervous that I’m going to pick him up again.

I am so upset! Peter Sagan has been DQ’d from the Tour, and Mark Cavendish is out with injury from a crash (that was kind of caused by Peter) – both of my favourites out in one horrible incident! Still lots to cheer for but – geez…

Did more laundry – all of my clothes are clean now, which is good since I’m just about out of laundry soap.

Confirmed with the lady of the place that Colin is coming this afternoon and would like to stay one night – ok with her too, so it’s all good.
Went for a cup of tea, and rode a bit less than usual so I could get back in time to open the chain to the campsite for Colin.
Was just sitting to another cup of tea at the restaurant next to the campground when I saw Colin’s van pull up. Ran over and opened the chain so he could pull in, then he joined me back at the restaurant for tea.
I bought his tea for him, so in response he said he’d buy me dinner – quite a deal! Went back just after eight and had another excellent meal – antipasto, primo, secondo. Tried a lemoncello – very sweet but tart at the same time. Very nice evening, but kind of late retiring.

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