Finally got a little bit of sleep after the karaoke competition ended, then the cat fight started. Got a bit more sleep, then the baby two campers down started howling. Gave up at 7:30.

After breakfast Colin drove us up to Poggio – the village on the small mountain right near the end of the Milano-San Remo race every March. It was a very beautiful village, and the road was narrow and very winding. Right at the end of the downhill portion it meets the main road into San Remo and a km or two later the race to the finish is done.
When in Poggio we had a nice little break at a cafe – one of the older fellows recognized Colin (or maybe his dogs) from when they had been there in March – he sat down and had a chat with us in Italian – he was so sweet.

After my tea, and Colin’s two cappuccinos we went across the street to a wine shop. They have lots of bottles, a couple of big vats, and a wall with five or six hoses coming out of it. Each hose had a sign above it showing what it was and where in Italy the wine came from. We told him we wanted a dry red, so he poured some from one of the hoses out into a small decanter and we each tried a small glass – ended up buying a 5 litre box for 9 euros!
Next went and visited a small park dedicated to the WW1, then further up the hill to a plaza of sorts with chairs, benches and a great view of San Remo. It looks like a very lovely town right on the Med.
On the way back to the campground we stopped and stocked up on food – got more than we probably needed, but at least there’s a fridge in the campervan. Had a lovely lunch under the canopy – cicadas chirping, breeze blowing, eating local fresh produce, drinking local red wine and watching the Tour on satellite tv – such a hard life I’m living right now!

Later in the evening we realized that the karaoke was going to happen again, so strolled down to check out the campground’s nightlife. It was actually fairly crowded – lots of families, in fact it looked like most of the campers were there. It wasn’t really interesting to Colin so we went back to read a bit. When the music started in earnest I decided ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’, so went back with my camera – full moon tonight.
Hung around for a short while, then got bored – the singing sounded better up at my tent. Read for awhile, then actually got to sleep with no problem this time – maybe the boxed wine had a little bit to do with it…

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