July 9 – Sunday

Had a really good sleep, despite the karaoke last night – got up a little late also, despite the church bells.
It was a grey, cloudy morning, and even rained for a few minutes. We decided not to go into the village, or me take a ride today, and stayed ‘home’ and watched the entire day’s Tour. It was a very interesting stage with lots of action – four very steep mountains, but with a flat finish.

There was one very unfortunate and sad crash on the downhill of the last mountain – Richie Porte went a little too far left on one corner, went over the edge then over-corrected and somersaulted right across the road and into the path of Daniel Martin who then also went down. Dan Martin managed to get back up and continue – Richie eventually got taken away in an ambulance. Hope Richie’s ok – one less of my favourites left to cheer for.

Had grilled steak for lunch – we’ve developed a bit of a ‘kitchen routine’. The camper’s kitchen isn’t very large, so I usually first cut up all the fresh veggies and make the salad, then it’s Colin’s turn – he does the cooking part. We usually eat outside at his table and chairs, although today because we were watching the race we ate inside. I actually like to tidy up, so I usually do the dishes.
Had a light dinner, read for a bit – left off the book I was reading ‘How the English Annoyed the French for 1000 years’ (quite interesting and also very funny) and started a new one, as Colin has quite a collection to choose from.

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