July 11 – Tuesday

Despite the party at the pool bar last night I did get a fairly good sleep. Got up at 1:15 to visit to loo, and there were people everywhere just leaving the bar to go to bed. We got on the road just when we had planned to – right around 10.

Headed west and crossed into France just after Ventimiglia, then turned north on the outskirts of Nice. Lots of craggy hills and beautiful villages.
Drove north for a bit along a beautiful turquoise lake that ended at St. Andres les Alpes, where we turned west again.
We found our campsite easily in the small town of Berreme. It’s a really nice campsite, and we walked into the village over a pedestrian bridge with the dogs and had a drink. There were so many flies around that we didn’t hang out for long.
Back at the campground I went for a really nice swim in the pool – A German (I think) lady had to help me open the child-proof gate to get in – the instructions, of course, are all in French, and at this point my Italian is actually better, but not overly helpful here.

Had yet another lovely quiet dinner and evening chat with Colin.

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