July 28 – Friday

Had another slow morning, then walked with the doggies down to Mansle’s market – considerably different than the one yesterday. It was in the village square and there were only 5 or 6 vendors – although what they did sell was really good local produce and stuff, and we got some very nice, fresh veggies for Sunday dinner. Took the little ones for a run at the hippodrome, then strolled back to the village square.

Sat at the pub and had a glass of wine – well, I had wine and Colin had a latte – doggies got their treats from the waitress. Listened as the town hall clock chimed 12 bells at noon, then 12 more at one minute after. Then the nearby church had their go for 12, but they didn’t quite get there, and the 7 that did chime were way out of cadence. Then they got really worked up and chimed no less than 72 times (not that I was counting – but we wondered if they were ever going to stop!).

Walked back to Colin’s, then hopped in his car and motored down to Angouleme to do some shopping.

Got some lipstick (one of my travel essentials!), a new pair of flip-flops – a bit fancier than the last that broke on the Galibier – and some more saline solution for my contacts. The lady in the pharmacy eventually understood what I needed (thanks to Colin’s translating) and went into the back of the store to get a small glass bottle – looks like the right stuff but I’ll have to check the ingredients against my existing solution before I put anything in my eyes.

Also went into the Decathlon store to try to get some new tires for my bike as I’ve already kind of thrashed the ones I have but they didn’t have the right size. Colin says he will take care of it for me while I’m at his house in England.
Took the doggies for another walk down to the pub for another glass (for me, not the dogs – they got another treat), then went to pick up some fish and chips for dinner. The fish and chip place was a mobile unit parked in the parking lot of a large supermarket – they’re at that location on Thursday’s, and can be found at other spots and markets, etc on other days.

Had another long hot bath and went to bed shortly after – nice easy-going day.


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