July 29 – Saturday

Got going for a bike ride with Neil at 9:00 sharp – Colin and he had plotted out a route last night while I was in the bath.

Rode out of the village and along the busy road for about 2 km then turned left onto much quieter roads. Had a really great ride through many lovely villages, down and up hills – I only had to stop once, and even then I didn’t get off the bike and continued riding up the hill after a short rest and a drink of water.
Stopped a few times to take a photo, and went in to one of the larger churches – door was unlocked with a sign to please close it after you left even if it was open we you arrived (we did).

Passed by sunflower and corn fields, cows and grape vines. They have many small groups of wind turbines dotted around. Saw a river crossing that was a boat pulled by a rope from shore to shore.

Coincidentally arrived back at Colin’s at 11:00 sharp – exactly 2 hours, which was not actually planned – just under 32 km covered. Much less than Neil would have done by himself, but not bad for me.

Did a trial-pack of what I plan to take to England to make sure the bags I’m taking will fit into Ryanair’s policies. I’m pretty sure it’ll be ok – I’m borrowing a back-pack and shoulder bag from Colin that won’t include any of my camping gear and it makes a big difference to the size and weight.

Completed the online checkin with Colin’s help – my ipad comes up with different things than his laptop so it was easier for him to do it, and then he printed it for me – it’s not obvious at the start, but if you’re not an EU citizen then you must print your confirmation, not just have it confirmed online. If you show up without what they want it’ll cost you 50 euros more to get them to go online and confirm you.

Walked the dogs down to the pub, then just after we left to take them to the hippodrome for a runaround Neil caught up to us. He stopped at the campground’s. bar while we made the rounds with the dogs, then joined him at the bar for a glass.

Had a really nice BBQ burger dinner and watched the San Sebastian bike race on tv.

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