August 5 – Saturday

Left the house around 10:30 to ride around the area without going down into the city. There are lots of bike/pedestrian paths with no cars so I rode until I got to a nature park, then the rain started. Turned around to head back home under a downpour – was pretty soaked by the time I got there.
Had lunch while waiting for a break in the rain so I could go to the store. Neighbour Lynn, who got back from a short vacation in Cornwall last night, came over to introduce herself and see if I needed anything. I told her I was going to be cycling around so she popped back to her place and brought me a walking/cycling map of the city and surrounding area, as well as a tour bus guide book with destinations, dates and prices.

Watched a bit of the world athletic championships on tv – they’re taking place in London so a lot is being shown. Didn’t go out again after riding to the store – the sky keeps clearing up a bit, then black clouds move in and it pours for a bit.

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