August 4 – Friday

No rain, at least not yet – yay! Did yoga, ate breakfast, then tried to get the bike ready to ride into the city, but immediately had a problem with the pump that Jane had leant me – it was lacking the bit that connects the pump to the tire.

Ended up walking the bike to the nearest gas station where there was a fellow with a beemer filling up his tires. He told me if I was quick there would be enough left of his 50 pence fee to fill up my tires. To save time he pushed a couple of buttons on the air machine and inflated the tires for me – all set.

Rode down into the city, although I somehow got on a different road than I had used before – I figured that as long as I was heading downhill I was going in the right direction. Every once in a while there was a sign showing ‘city centre’ so I knew I was on the right track. At one point I turned right and realized (a little too late) that I was heading towards two lanes of oncoming cars that were stopped at a pedestrian light on a one-way street. I veered left onto the cross-walk and came face-to-face with a policewoman (I had already hit the brakes and was practically stopped with one foot down). She said ‘do you know you were riding the wrong way on a one-way street’ and I explained ‘I only realized that after it was too late – I’m totally mixed up and have no idea where I am – I’m looking for the food festival’. She obviously could tell I wasn’t British and rather than give me a lecture or a ticket she simply, and very nicely, told me to go straight, then turn left and I’d find the festival.
All of the roads going into the actual centre of the city were blocked off so no cars to contend with – just oblivious pedestrians. Rode around very slowly, then asked a lady where the river was. She very kindly directed me to the closest and easiest way for someone on a bike to go and I found it no problem – the river Severn.
Turned left and rode along the riverside – I’ve never seen so many swans in one place in my life – even a statue of one on top of a pedestal. Continued on for a couple of miles, then circled around and back on a different route to the centre of the city.

Explored the food festival some more – tried a couple of samples of pork and beef sausages, then bought a small jar of honey.

The ride back up the hill to the house wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be – much easier than walking. I must say that I don’t really care for carrying a back-pack while cycling – it puts my balance off and is hot, and very inconvenient for getting my camera out when I want to take a photo.

Dropped off the bike and my camera at the house and walked to the store for more food supplies. The clouds overhead were very dark and it started raining shortly before I reached the store, but by the time I got back out to walk home the rain had already stopped.

Had a nice lunch of fresh pasta (stuffed tortellini) with salad and did a load of laundry. Face-timed Dom, watched some telly, did some puzzles.

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