August 10 – Thursday

No rain so far – actually doesn’t look too bad. Rode southeast along paths I hadn’t been on before – went a little further south than I’d planned so had to go northeast a bit along a fairly busy road.

Eventually found the ‘bridle path’ I’d been looking for – there was a sign on the highway at the entrance to it but at first I couldn’t even see a path it was so narrow and overgrown. Once again the map came in very handy – I knew I was in the right place, so turned where indicated and headed down very slowly and carefully. Thankfully the steep and narrow part didn’t last that far and it opened up onto a nice flat field.
The path was still overgrown, then I found what I assumed were tractor tracks that I followed until it turned into a dirt road, then a paved road. Didn’t pass a single vehicle, but did go by a farm or two, as well as a ‘rectory’ next to the railroad tracks. Kept to the west or north whenever I had a choice – I was now ‘off the map’ so figured since I had started out heading southeast, then northwest would eventually lead home.

Came to the town of Crowle, then shortly after had to get onto another busier road. At the junction there was a sign that might have explained my ‘Weak Bridge’ error of a few days ago. The sign I saw then only said ‘Weak Bridge’, not the ‘at Tibberton’ part or the rest of it.
I did end up returning to a spot that I recognized so got back on the vehicle-free paths and found my way home.

Read both of the free papers that are delivered to the house – there’s another festival in the city this Sunday that sounds interesting. Looked at more maps online to plan where else I might want to ride – I much prefer traffic-free routes, but know it’s not always possible, unfortunately. I’m starting to get used to the traffic coming from the wrong direction, but still look both ways several times before venturing onto any road. And traffic circles (roundabouts as they call them – and there are lots) are especially confusing.

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