August 14 – Monday

Decided to ride today to Worcester Woods Country Park – another of the places Lyn had recommended to me. I had actually ridden past it a few days ago but hadn’t entered as I was headed elsewhere at the time.
Riding around the forest was very pleasant – totally quiet and relaxing. Found a large field – Newton Green (I think) but went back to the path instead of riding on the grass. At the east end I thought I’d like to see where a small side trail went, so rode thru a muddy spot in a depression and started to slip as I went up the other side. I stopped to get my balance then started riding again but almost immediately hit a tree root at an odd angle and started to go down to the right. I then realized that the pedal had flipped over when I’d stopped and my shoe had clipped in so I couldn’t get my foot down in time and dropped over towards the mud. As I fell my face hit the handle bar hard and my foot was still clipped into the fucking pedal. I ended up on my right side but at least didn’t slide down into the mud. I lay there for a moment wondering if anything was broken – either on myself, the bike, or my camera, then managed to get my shoe out of the clip so I could roll myself over and get back upright. My lower lip was split and already swelling on the right side, and it was then I felt something on my right forearm – I had landed on a stinging nettle and welts were already appearing. At least it was only one plant and only my lower arm and not my legs, face, or neck – I dowsed it with water a couple of times and started riding again.
Rode past a really great looking playground and another large field – lots of kids everywhere. Headed home after stopping at the store for more supplies.

The right side of my lower lip is very swollen and bruised-looking but the skin only broke on the inside and it didn’t bleed very much. The nettle welts went down but the whole area is throbbing off and on, although it’s not that itchy – wish I had some aloe to put on it. I also discovered blood on my right knee, but the wound is fairly minor so I didn’t even notice it when it happened.

The fresh lemon I used as part of my salad dressing at dinner stung my cut lip, and eating was a bit awkward but I was so hungry I didn’t care.

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