August 15 – Tuesday

Another lovely morning – blue sky, with a bit of a breeze. Decided to take myself out for lunch, so following a suggestion from Colin headed to The Bull Inn in Fernhill Heath. It’s not very far north of Worcester, although part of the ride was on a very busy road.

The ride started out on a cycle path, then I had to ride on the sidewalk, then when that ended I rode on the grass at the side of the highway, but that also ended about half-way to Fernhill Heath. I tried riding on the road, but it was not pleasant – cars gave me no room at all and I almost got sideswiped more than once. I took a chance and crossed to the other side which actually had a narrow sidewalk that was much safer, even though you’re probably not supposed to ride on it.
Found the inn right away, although it didn’t open for another 10 minutes so took a little tour around the town – it’s a very pretty place. When the inn was open I asked if there was a place to lock the bike up and the bartender said that if I went to the garden at the back I could just take it with me. There was a large grass area with picnic tables, as well as a covered part that I chose to sit under with the bike right next to me.
Sat for a bit and had a pint of a very good local cider that was on tap – watched TMZ-live on the ipad and got caught up on the Drumpster’s most recent ridiculousness (what an ass).

Ordered a ‘mini’ fish and chips for lunch – glad I didn’t ask for the ‘regular’ size as it was huge. The fish was excellent – nice and fresh and not too much batter, and the fries were crispy but not greasy. It came with mushy peas and home-made tartar sauce – all very delicious – some of the best fish & chips I’ve had.

The ride back was uneventful – not a really long ride altogether today, but I’m still a bit sore from my tumble yesterday.

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