August 19 – Saturday

I had a fairly ambitious ride planned, but changed my mind when – guess what? – black clouds rolled in. I did go for a short ride north up the canal, but turned around at the fourth lock when it started to rain.
For a Saturday there weren’t very many people on the canal path, and because of the rain from the last few days it was fairly muddy in spots.
The end of the first path through the woods that had been closed off ever since I arrived has been re-opened – it was only about 30 yards of repairs right at the north end of that section. There was an alternate route that made that part of the ride somewhat longer so it was nice to be able to go directly through.

The rain didn’t really get going hard – more like a steady drizzle, although the wind was again quite strong, and the dark clouds persisted until much later in the afternoon. I probably could have completed the original ride that I’d planned but by the time the sky cleared a bit it was too late.

I got a chicken pie for dinner – I’ve been eating a lot of fresh pasta and wanted a change. It was ok, but a little too much dough for my taste so I think I’ll stick to pasta, potatoes and bread for my carbs.

Today is the first day of the Vuelta, and it was the Team Time Trial. It didn’t start until around 5:00, but they didn’t show it on tv here until very late – think it was around 9:30 or 10:00. And even then they only showed highlights. Tomorrow they’ll only be showing an hour of the race at 7:00 in the evening – I’ll have to try to avoid reading about it online.

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