August 24 – Thursday

Did an early load of laundry so it could start drying while I went for my last ride in Worcester (sob! sob!). I didn’t go far – only around the nearby trails and paths. Rode by the pond to see if they really were cleaning it up – who did I see with a trash bag in her hand but Lyn! The cleanup crew were almost finished for the day and had retrieved the bicycle from the pond, but many plastic bottles were still floating about. They hadn’t had a boat or canoe so had reached whatever they could with long poles and had to leave the rest – too bad.

For a brief moment I considered removing the pedals from the pond-bike – it didn’t look like it had been in the water very long, but discarded the idea – just more heavy stuff to carry around. The path I was on led to the local pub so I rode around to the back again – the same two old fellows I saw the other day were sitting at the same picnic table but no kitty (I may have forgotten to mention them before). I asked where the cat was and they said over there – sure enough it was lounging on one of the other tables. I stopped to take a pic of it, then they told me it always hangs around there and everyone feeds it. I told them if I was treated kindly and fed all the time I’d probably hang around too – we all had a good laugh as I rode away.
Next I went to the local community orchard that Lyn had told me about – she’d been there yesterday and harvested a large bag of fresh apples. It was very nice – many apple trees as well as plums, and some berries.

Back at the house I did some cleaning up – vacuumed the whole house and cleaned the bathroom, then did another load of laundry so everything will be nice and tidy when I leave. I took the bike lock I’d borrowed back to Jane – she said she’d dropped by a few times in the last couple of days but I must have been out riding so missed her. It’s too bad since I would have liked to visit with her more as she’s been very kind.

Went to get the pedals off Colin’s bike so I can take them back to France and put them back on my bike but the right one just wouldn’t come off – and yes, I was twisting the allen key in the proper direction. I went next door and enlisted Philip’s help, but he couldn’t budge it either. He said ‘Lyn might be able to do it – she has a good grip’ so he went and got her. Sure enough, within a moment she got it moving and then the pedal came off easily.

Went over to their place for dinner – the food was excellent and so was the company. We had very tasty boneless chicken (thighs, I think), wild rice, carrots and peas and a lovely salad with perfect avocado. And for dessert – cheesecake with strawberries. I really enjoyed being there and getting to know them a bit – they are very nice people.

Somehow the topic of the US and the Drumpster came up – and once again, as intelligent, sensible folks, they just couldn’t understand how he was the president. They agreed that there is something seriously wrong with him – and how long can this gong-show go on? But will Pence really be any better in the long run – he’s not crazy but is scary in his own way.

Oh well – I’m in Europe with my bike and my camera and having a wonderful time – bullocks to the current American political circus (or should I say freak show).

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