September 6 – Wednesday

Had a really good sleep – got up just after 7:00 and went for a shower. Had to wait a few minutes for the hot to kick in, but when it did it was great, although it faded out a time or two it did come back.

The town of Villarcayo was larger than it seemed going by the map – many towns have the same size dot on the map but vary greatly in actual size. We stopped at a store to stock up on food, then headed back south a bit to get on the N232 again to go northwest via Soncillo and Reinosa. Passed into Cantabria, then drove on what was supposed to be an extra-picturesque part of road but could only see about 20 feet into the very dense fog. We passed many signs on the road describing the wonderful sights that we couldn’t see because of the fog.

Once we did get out of the clouds the countryside was very beautiful – fairly large mountains, lovely valleys, very green with lots of trees.
At one point there were some cows on the road – a large bull and a cow – didn’t seem the least worried or interested in us and they were not moving so we just slowed down and passed them by.
We drove as far as the top of the Collada de la Hoz, then back-tracked just a bit to the one wide spot we’d seen – not many places on any of the climbs to park a campervan, but even so we were the first ones there.

Over the next few hours several more campervans arrived – four of them were folks we’d been at the ITT with on Tuesday.
Finished the book I was reading – sleeping in the van again rather than the tent as it’s wet, rocky, and somewhat chilly.

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