September 10 – Sunday

Said goodbye to the Belgians, who were planning to spend a bit of time in Pola de Lena, and left not long after – there were just a couple of folks left of the dozens that had been there.
Went back down to the edge of Pola de Lena, then took the highway north again to the ocean.

Went west along the coast until just before Foz, where we turned off the highway but were diverted because there’s a race or something happening on the local roads. The diversion wasn’t major and we continued on the the campsite Colin had looked up. It’s right across the road from the ocean, and seems very nice.
Got the tent setup, then went to the campground’s restaurant/bar for a drink and to use their wi-fi – connection not that great, but better then nothing. Got caught up a bit on last week’s blogs, but loading the photos was frustrating.

We walked down the ocean path a bit to another restaurant – it had better wi-fi. There is an awesome path all along this part of the coast, made of slate tiles in some parts and large stones in others – just wonderful to walk on while next to the ocean. We ended up having a late lunch – I had a huge plate of chicken breast on top of fries, all covered with a cheese/creme sauce. I ate and ate and didn’t manage to finish half of it. I looked up on google translate how to ask to take it home with me and showed the waitress – got a doggie bag (for me – not the dogs!).
Walked back to camp and sat in their restaurant again while we watched the final day of the Vuelta on tv. Also face-timed Dominic – so nice to see and hear him. No surprises in the Vuelta – I really wish someone would attack out of the blue and catch them all with their arms linked and drinking their champagne, but no luck. Froome won, Nibali second – home-town hero Contador managed to come fourth, and Cdn Michael Woods came seventh. I want to think that if Contador hadn’t gotten a stomach virus in Andorra he might have won – of course we’ll never know and he says he won’t be back next year.

Went back to the campervan and made some nighty-nite tea, then into the tent, read a bit and had no trouble falling asleep. All in all a lovely, fairly quiet b-day.

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