September 20 – Wednesday

IMG_6976Another good sleep, followed by another quiet morning. Colin went out in the afternoon to do a few things while I stayed behind and did some chi-gong, then watched the beginning of the ITT of the world championships. Bergen looks like a lovely city – on the water, with mountains and lots of trees – kind of reminded me a bit of Vancouver, although on a much smaller (and less expensive) scale.

Colin returned from his errands and then we drove up to Ruffec to do a bit of shopping, and so Colin could pop into the vet’s office to make an appointment for the little ones’ checkup before travel to England.
Back at the house we watched the rest of the ITT that had recorded while we were out. Tom Dumoulin won! And not just by a few seconds – he blew them all away. Froome managed to come third, which isn’t too bad only ten days after the Vuelta ended.

Face-timed Dominic later than usual – I’m really starting to miss the kitties. He shows them to me and I can hear them purr sometimes (especially Sly – Merlin purrs too, just much more quietly) but I miss the combs and cuddles. I even miss being trapped in one position on the bed at night because I don’t want to disturb a cat (usually Sly) that’s curled up against me. Merlin likes to curl up on the bed too, but Sly, being the smaller of the two by quite a bit, doesn’t usually let him settle in for too long – he’s a bit bossy that way.

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