September 21 – Thursday

Couldn’t believe what time it was when I got up – I was sure it would be 7:30 or maybe 8, but it was actually almost 9:30! I haven’t slept that late in a long time.

Went for a walk around noon down into the village and north along a side street that has occasional access to the river.
Walked a little further to the war memorial park where I went to the riverside and did a bit of chi-gong in the sun – it was very lovely and peaceful.
Sat on a bench for a while reading another James Patterson novel, then walked to the bar – the ‘usual’ one across from the town hall.
It’s a day off for the world championships, so nothing terribly exciting to watch on tv. Had a nice quiche lorraine with salad for dinner.
Read for a bit, then watched a bunch of you-tube videos on the ipad until pretty late – I’ve gotten into watching the singing competitors on the various talent shows – Britiain’s Got Talent, X-Factor, etc. I love seeing the looks of shock and surprise on the judges’ faces when someone they’ve already written off in their minds starts singing and blows them away – you just can’t tell by appearance alone.

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