September 22 – Friday

Got up a little earlier – did chi-gong and yoga while Colin took the doggies to the vet. Went for a bike ride north to the village of Saint-Groux, crossed the river and came south via Goue, passed a very large chateau, then back to Mansle.
Colin and the little ones were at the bar when I got back to town, so I joined them for a glass of vin rouge. Back at the house we watched the junior women’s road race – won fairly convincingly by a young Italian.

Neil got back from the vacation he took with his daughter – sounds like they had a wonderful time hiking, etc. in the Pyranees. Colin and I then went to an outdoor photo festival in the nearby town of Barro.
It was much larger than I had expected – all of the photos were blown up and displayed outside on either large easels or hung on building walls, some even displayed over the river. There were quite a few black and white displays and the subjects were extremely varied – I quite enjoyed it.

Bought fish and chips for dinner at the same place as before – they were just as good as I remembered. Watched a bit of tv, read for awhile, listened to a couple of videos on you-tube, fell asleep quickly and easily.

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