September 30 – Saturday

It rained off and on most of the night and looked to be an overcast day. Colin went out with young Neil to watch Neil’s little boy Joseph play football (soccer) while I stayed at the house and did yoga.

I was just getting ready to take the doggies for a walk when Colin returned so he joined us.

Walked up to the orchard again and let the little ones loose, then re-leashed them and followed the paths to the pub for a drink – no sign of Chips the cat – he must have heard the dogs coming and vamoosed for safety. The weather turned fairly nice, although still a bit windy.
Back at the house there seems to be a bit of a plumbing problem – starting from the bathroom upstairs and bubbling up through a lid in the back courtyard. Colin called the fellow that was here the other day fixing the heat registers – he’ll try to come by Sunday or Monday.

Watched a cycling race from Italy, had lamb chops for dinner, watched a movie on tv.

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