October 2 – Monday

The plumbers arrived right on time at 7:45 am to have a look to see what’s plugged – they routered the line and managed to un-plug whatever was the problem. At least they didn’t have to dig anything up, and they were gone in under an hour.

Young Neil arrived for a coffee right as I was getting ready to go for a ride – it was a bit overcast and very windy. I rode north to the canal, then headed east for over half an hour. Not too far along I pulled to the side of the path to let an oncoming cyclist pass, and he said that there was another 25 or 30 coming – all sorts of cycles including reclining ones and ones powered by the arms. Some of the guys were missing parts of limbs so I think they were some sort of club or something. A few had American flags, but others said thank you to me with English accents.

I continued on until just past Dunhampstead before I turned back.

I’d taken off the hoodie when I turned around but only made it about 100 yards before I stopped and put it back on as the wind was so cold.

There were a couple of boats going up the canal, and many others moored at certain points along the way. Some of them must stay the winter at a couple of the spots – I saw folks doing maintenance and touching up paint, etc.

I stopped at the Lyppard Grange pub for a pint of cider before returning to the house. I then took the dogs out for a walk up to the orchard, let them loose for a little run-around, then took the long way home along the paths, including through a meadow that I would never have gone into on the bike because of the gate at the entrance.

Colin went out to meet some friends for a drink and dinner while I stayed home and had another batch of fresh pasta. Watched a couple of shows on Egypt, and a couple more on farming in England – went to bed very early – before 10, I think.

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