October 3 – Tuesday

A beautiful morning, although again chilly with a strong wind.
I left for my bike ride around 11:00 – headed to the canal and rode as far as Dunhamstead again, where I left the canal and tried to find a road back to Tibberton.
Unfortunately there is no quick way through like I’d hoped – I rode all the way to Crowle (where I’d been once in August) then came to the intersection of the road that goes to Worcester in one direction and Tibberton in the other. Luckily Tibberton wasn’t far at all, and I was able to get back on the canal – probably a 4 or 5 mile detour in all, and the sunny sky had totally clouded over.
Rode back along the canal, and stopped – where else? – at the pub for a cider. I didn’t even have to ask for it – she was already heading for the tap.

I arrived home just as Colin was about to leave to get a haircut. When he returned we took the doggies for a walk up to the orchard – I’m really glad I brought the right combination of clothes and jackets as it was cold!

Watched another cycling race from Italy that was taped earlier. Had lamb chops again for dinner – not huge but very tender and tasty. I’ve been eating way too much – I’m pretty good with the meals, but it’s all the peanuts and potato chips (not to mention ice-cream) that are starting to make some of my clothes a little snug. I better smarten up or I’ll be a big fattie by the time I get home.

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