October 6 – Friday

Got going for my ride right at noon – went to the canal again and rode north to Dunhamstead, where I left the canal and got on the road where I crossed to the other side. Went thru Oddingley on my way south back to Tibberton. Along the way I noticed a gate into a field and all the cows were lined up as if they were waiting for something. There was a sign indicating that there was a footpath, but the cows were blocking the entrance to it and didn’t seem to want to move so I stopped to chat with them for a couple of minutes, then continued on.

The road wasn’t very busy so it was a nice ride back to Tibberton where I returned to the canal and onwards to Worcester. Stopped (surprise, surprise) for a pint and sat inside as it was once again chilly and windy out.

A word about children in pubs here – I can totally understand mothers wanting a nice lunch out but I really wish they would pay more attention to their screaming kids. When a child in a high-chair screams ‘mommy mommy mommy’ over and over again in a high-pitched voice at the top of her lungs and mommy is sitting right there ignoring her that makes me want to scream too. All it would take is a couple of seconds to see what the little one wants, then mommy can go back to gossiping with her friends and everyone would have a little more peace.
Back at the house the doggies were restless, so I harnessed them up and they took me for a walk. We went to the orchard, but they didn’t seem to want to go in so we skirted it and followed a footpath that I hadn’t taken before. After passing thru a nice small meadow on a hill we ended up in a housing area with the usual dead-end courts and curving lanes. It was a bit of a maze but I knew that eventually we’d get to a path or street out, and we finally did.

For dinner Colin and I drove to Fern Hill Heath and got fish and chips from the Bull pub to take home – it was just as good as when I’d gone there in August and had eaten on their back terrace.
I was almost falling asleep watching tv later so went up to my room, where I did a few sudoku puzzles and got my second wind. Back downstairs I came across an excellent movie and, of course, stayed up way too late watching it (The Pelican Brief – an oldie but a goodie). Not satisfied with that I went back to my room and watched a bunch of you-tube videos of some of my favourite songs, and didn’t turn out the light until almost 2 in the morning – so much for getting more sleep.

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