October 20 – Friday

Got up fairly early so I’d have lots of time to pack. The weather was a little better, but I decided not to go for a ride – took the pedals off the bike so I can take them with me.

The maintenance fellow came over in the late morning to trim up the bushes and get the garden ready for the winter. He did some pretty severe trimming, but I know it’ll come back even better in the spring. Took a couple of ‘after’ photos to compare with the ‘before’ ones I took in the summer.

Little Benny is a bit nervous – he knows something’s happening and is sticking like glue to Colin to make sure he doesn’t get forgotten or left behind.

Got all packed up, had a quick lunch and were on the highway south by 3:00. The roads were really busy – between the road-work being done in places, rush hour, and extra Friday traffic because next week is a school holiday it was just crawling in some places.

Even so we made it to the ferry terminal at Newhaven in plenty of time and parked in the McDonald’s parking lot to make use of their WC and free wi-fi. Colin checked with the ferry terminal and found out that the 11 pm ferry was delayed by 3 hours due to rough seas and heavy winds.

Didn’t get on the way until almost 2 am – got a couple of the comfy lounge chairs and tried to get a bit of sleep.

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